New CKF Staff Member: Sheri White

Please welcome our newest staff member, Sheri White. She’ll be writing the column “Horror-Mom’s Guide to Scary Movies” and reviewing new horror movies aimed at kids for this site. Here’s more about her:

Sheri White has loved horror since she was two and watched THE WIZARD OF OZ. Instead of being afflicted with a fear of witches, she is scared of high winds instead. After watching commercials for scary movies from behind the couch (“Mommy, my bed is shaking…”), and then watching entire scary movies on the couch, she became addicted. Now she has addicted children herself (three girls, ages 23, 17, and 14), and is hoping to lure other parents into introducing their own kids to this wonderful genre.

In addition to watching horror movies, she reads, writes and reviews horror stories for several small presses. Her other addiction is Facebook, and you can find her there almost anytime. She is not sure whether or not to be embarrassed by that.



One Response to “New CKF Staff Member: Sheri White”

  1. Michael Arruda Says:

    Welcome aboard, Sheri!

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