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Suburban Grindhouse Memories: THE EXTERMINATOR (1980)

July 11, 2013

Suburban Grindhouse Memories No. 64: Flamethrowers, Meat Grinders, and State Senators… By Nick Cato    Released six years after DEATH WISH (1974) but two years before FIRST BLOOD (1982), 1980’s THE EXTERMINATOR is a combo of these two classics with a dash of TAXI DRIVER (1976) thrown in. I recently revisited this on DVD, but […]

Suburban Grindhouse Memories: XTRO (1983)

May 16, 2013

Suburban Grindhouse Memories No. 63: Not all E.T.’s are Friendly… By Nick Cato    Released less than a year after the success of Steven Spielberg’s E.T., low budget British sleaze-fest XTRO (1983) exists basically to support its infamous tag line, “Some extra-terrestrials aren’t friendly.” And in the case of XTRO, not all E.T.’s make much […]

Suburban Grindhouse Memories: CROCODILE (1981)

April 4, 2013

Suburban Grindhouse Memories No. 61: Godfather of the SyFy Channel Movies… By Nick Cato While anyone can turn to the SyFy channel on any given Saturday to see an endless list of horrible, made-for-cable killer shark/alligator/piranha/octopus films, back in the late 70s/early 80s, JAWS-inspired rip-offs had to be seen in your local theatre. 1981’s CROCODILE […]

Suburban Grindhouse Memories: GIRLS NITE OUT (1982)

March 7, 2013

Suburban Grindhouse Memories No. 61: I’ll Take a Couple of Bear Claws, Please… By Nick Cato Among the endless list of 80s slasher films is GIRLS NITE OUT (1982), a semi-dud that at least tried to be a bit different from the crowd. Tried to be. The above newspaper ad made it seem much more […]

Suburban Grindhouse Memories # 60 – SEASON OF THE WITCH (1972)

January 31, 2013

Suburban Grindhouse Memories No. 60: Season of the Zzzzzzzzzzz… By Nick Cato In October of 1982, fans of the HALLOWEEN series were confused about the third film, which was titled HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH. While technically it had more to do with the actual holiday than the others in the series, the film […]

Suburban Grindhouse Memories: SPRING BREAK (1983)

January 10, 2013

Suburban Grindhouse Memories No. 59: The ULTIMATE Party Flick By Nick Cato March, 1983. President Reagan refers to the Soviet Union as an “Evil Empire.” A transit strike cuts off train service for 70,000 New Jersey commuters. Pope John Paul II begins an eight-day, eight-nation tour of Central America. And here on Staten Island, my […]

Suburban Grindhouse Memories: HIDE AND GO SHRIEK! (1988)

November 29, 2012

Suburban Grindhouse Memories No. 58: Generic, but FUN By Nick Cato The late 1980s were a semi-sad time for grindhouse aficionados. The VHS craze had left theaters a barren-wasteland for horror and exploitation film fans. But every once in a while something interesting was granted a theatrical release: 1988’s slickly-titled, late-to-the-game slasher outing HIDE AND […]

Suburban Grindhouse Memories: HEAVY METAL (1981)

October 31, 2012

Suburban Grindhouse Memories No. 57: A Universe of Aliens, Dragons, and Boobs… By Nick Cato While most young men got their kicks by swiping a copy of Playboy from their dad’s secret stash in the closet, nothing brought me more joy than an issue of HEAVY METAL, the illustrated fantasy magazine that has been going […]

Suburban Grindhouse Memories: THE BEING (1983)

September 28, 2012

Suburban Grindhouse Memories Buzzi’s BEING in the Land of the Spuds By Nick Cato Released shortly after Halloween in 1983, THE BEING may very well be the epitome of low budget 80s horror/exploitation cinema. Directed by Jackie Kong (who would go on to create BLOOD DINER (1987), the first sequel (of sorts) to 1963’s BLOOD […]

Suburban Grindhouse Memories – Double Feature of MOTHER’S DAY (1980) and NIGHTMARE (1981)

August 31, 2012

SUBURBAN GRINDHOUSE MEMORIES: “If You Survive the Day, Will You Survive the Night?” By Nick Cato Sometime in 1983 (despite racking my brain, I can’t recall if it was March or October), a double feature hit the NY/NJ area that turned out to be one of the most brutal experiences I’ve ever had in a […]