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(Quick Cuts created by Michael Arruda)

Welcome to another edition of QUICK CUTS, that column where brevity is key.

There sure are a lot of action movies/thrillers coming out in September— DRIVE, STRAW DOGS, THE KILLER ELITE, ABDUCTION— which got me to thinking:  last year, Sylvester Stallone collected a bunch of tough guys to star in his action pic, THE EXPENDABLES.  So, we asked our panel of experts, if they had the same choice, if they could gather a group of tough guys— or  gals— to star in an all new kick-ass action flick of their own, who would they  choose?  We asked them to limit their choices to five picks.

~ Michael Arruda

Here are the rest of the answers:



Here’s my team, which uses some movie magic to resurrect or rejuvenate some members for the movie, THE SCOWL SQUAD:

Make My Day!

Clint Eastwood – Either old and crusty or young and trigger-happy, it doesn’t matter—no one’s tougher!

Bruce Lee – the undisputed martial arts master.

Sean Connery – 1960’s James Bond vintage—the spy’s spy.

Diana Rigg – 1960’s Emma Peel vintage—beautiful, deadly.

King Kong – because every tough team needs a giant ape!



I know that Quick Cuts is “that column where brevity is key,” but since Michael Arruda listed three separate teams, I will too.

 Just a team of random ass-kickers:

Uma Thurman – The Bride from KILL BILL Vol. 1 and 2 (2003 and 2004)

Charles Bronson – Paul Kersey from DEATH WISH (1974)

Clint Eastwood – Dirty Harry from DIRTY HARRY (1971)

Gunnar Hansen – the original Leatherface from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (1974)

And Nicolas Cage as himself

Special Guest Star: Danny Trejo as MACHETE (2010)

Does this man look scary to you?

And for the overseas market:

Toshiro Mifune – from countless Akira Kurosawa films, especially YOJIMBO (1961)

Chow-Yun Fat – 1980s Hong Kong version – from several John Woo movies, especially THE KILLER (1989)

Bruce Lee  – from ENTER THE DRAGON (1973)

Eihi Shiina –  as the sadistic Asami in AUDITION (1999) or as Ruka from TOKYO GORE POLICE (2008))

Min-sik Choi as OLDBOY (2003)


And one just for the kids-

Chloe Moretz – Hit Girl from KICK-ASS (2010)

Chiaki Kuriyama – GoGo Yubari from KILL BILL Vol. 1 (2003)

Harvey Stephens – Damien Thorn from THE OMEN (1976)

Linda Blair – the possessed Regan McNeil in THE EXORCIST (1973)

Patty McCormack – Rhoda Penmark from THE BAD SEED (1954)


That’s all folks!