Writer: Nick Cato
Nick writes the column Suburban Grindhouse Memories for this site
He is also the co-writer of the column, The David Lynch Chronicles.

NICK CATO published the influential cult-film fanzine, STINK, from 1981-1991.  His short fiction has been published in several genre anthologies, including Deathgrip: Exit Laughing (2006 Hellbound Books), Southern Fried Weirdness Vol. 1 (2007 SFW Press), Strange Stories of Sand and Sea (2008 Fine Tooth Press) and Bits of the Dead (2008 Coscom Entertainment), and has been featured in magazines such as Dark Recesses and Wicked Karnival. DON OF THE DEAD, Nick’s debut novel, was released by Coscom Entertainment in July, 2009. In October, 2011, Nick will be part of the highly-anticipated Dark Scribe Press film book, BUTCHER KNIVES AND BODY COUNTS. You can contact him through his blog: http://nickcato.blogspot.com.


Writer: William D. Carl
Column: Bill’s Bizarre Bijou

WILLIAM D. CARL is the author of BESTIAL:WEREWOLF APOCALYPSE and PRIMEVALK.  His short stories have been featured in anthologies as varied as THE MANY FACES OF VAN HELSING, IN LAYMON’S TERMS, SKIN & INK, and THE WORLD IS DEAD.  He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he battles ennui with his faithful dog Jake and his partner of twenty years, Don.  It is a losing battle.  He has worked as a bookseller, retail manager, repo man, ice cream scooper, and gaffer.  He was the entire art department for an episode of RESCUE 911, and he got to blow up a bunch of stuff.  He spends his nights lost in novels or his favorite movies.  He is a son of the South Side Drive-In, and he still can recall that glorious night when the double feature was HOWLING 2 : YOUR SISTER IS A WEREWOLF and TOMBOY.”


Writer: Colleen Wanglund
Column: The Geisha of Gore

COLLEEN WANGLUND (our very own GEISHA OF GORE) is a self-described bookwhore, gorehound and metalhead.  She is obsessed with Asian horror movies. Really obsessed.   She has watched so many movies, particularly from Japan and Korea, that she’s lost count.  Some of her favorite directors include Takashi Miike, Takashi Shimizu, and Chan-wook Park.  Colleen also loves horror and bizarro lit and her book reviews can be found at THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW and MONSTER LIBRARIAN.

Some of her favorite authors include Stephen King, Gina Ranalli, Kim Paffenroth and Anne Rice.  Colleen is a fan of horror in general, especially zombies.  She loves metal and rock music (her favorite band is Metallica), the New York Rangers, Adult Swim, comic books, and Japanese anime and manga.  She is a mother of two girls, has a dog and a cat, owns way too many CDs, and is a natural redhead.

Colleen reviews Asian horror films for this site.


Writer: Mark Onspaugh
Column: Remote Outpost
(television reviews)

MARK ONSPAUGH writes a television review column for our site called Remote Outpost.

As a child, Mark sat too close to the TV, and now needs glasses.  His young brain was irradiated with monster movies, sci-fi and Looney Tunes.  DC comics took care of the rest.  Today, he is the writer of the film “Kill Katie Malone”, a co-writer of the cult fave “Flight of the Living Dead”, and has several scripts in development. His story “The Broken Hand Mirror of Venus” (appearing in the anthology WAR OF THE WORLDS: FRONTLINES, Edited by JW Schnarr) was nominated for a Pushcart Prize this year.  His semi-autobiographical essay, “Evilution: A Short History of Monsters from Black & White to Blood Red” will appear soon in BUTCHER KNIVES AND BODY COUNTS (Vince Liaguno, Editor). He has sold some forty short  stories to such anthologies as  BLOOD LITE (Volumes I, II and III), THE BOOK OF EXODI, DEAD SET, and THE WORLD IS DEAD. He tells people he was raised by wolves, but his parents were nice people who only eviscerated the occasional wayward traveler.  You can visit him at www.markonspaugh.com and on Facebook.


Pete Dudar and “Friend”

Writer: Peter Dudar
Column: Me and Lil’ Stevie
(reviews of movies based on the works of Stephen King)

PETER N. DUDAR is a massive Stephen King wannabe.  After graduating from the State University of New York at Albany, he immediately moved to Maine to begin his writing career.  Dudar currently resides in the same town King went to high school, in a home right on Main Street (down the block from the Worumbo Mill, where King worked in his youth, and subsequently came up with the story “Graveyard Shift”).  His fiction has appeared in the HWA sponsored BELL, BOOK AND BEYOND, NEW TRADITIONS IN TERROR, DIABOLIC TALES Volume 1, TERRIBLE BEAUTY/FEARFUL SYMMETRY, and the upcoming New England Horror Writers anthology, EPITAPHS.  Dudar also writes the blog DEAD BY FRIDAY on Facebook, and sometimes writes and publishes erotica under a pseudonym.  But he’s no Stephen King!


Writer: Paul McMahon
Columns: The Distracted Critic
and The Reassessment Files

PAUL MCMAHON (aka “The Distracted Critic”) sits amid the clutter and chaos of four kids and struggles to remember what he’s doing from moment to moment. His love for all things scary began with being terrorized by James Earl Jones reciting the alphabet on SESAME STREET (Aaaaa… Beeeee…  Ceeeee….). From there he spent his formative years watching CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE on Channel 56 every Saturday and begging his parents to take him to the theater to see horror movies. Everything from CARRIE to THE OMEN and THE LEGACY to THE SHINING were deemed inappropriate, so he started writing his own scary stories to relieve the boredom. Since then, his work has appeared in the anthologies THE DARKEST THIRST, DAMNED NATION, and the recent New England Horror Writers (NEHW) anthology, EPITAPHS. When his kids aren’t around he watches movies and reads books, albeit a little at a time. He remains in the middle of many projects, and has new works both forthcoming and under construction.


Writer: John D. Harvey
John reviews thrillers and action films for the site, among other things…

JOHN D. HARVEY is a freelance writer and fiction author working out of East Greenwich, Rhode Island. His first novel, THE CLEANSING, was released by Arkham House Publishers in 2002. You can find his freelance writing  business online at http://medialogical.com and his personal blog at http://johndharvey.com. Harvey volunteers in pit bull rescue and will work for (good) beer.”

“The image doesn’t remotely look like me anymore now that I’ve shorn off all my hair and grown a beard. It’s all I’ve got.”


Writer: Jenny Orosel
Column: Meals for Monsters

JENNY OROSEL has worked in pubic education, as a photographer, radio news monitor, frozen desert specialist (scooping ice cream at Baskin & Robbins) and game show contestant.  A lifelong movie fanatic, she has been on the crew of two feature films, and animated two short films herself (both of which won awards).  She has also written numerous fiction and nonfiction pieces (many of which have actually been published).

She is currently a student of cooking, specializing in candy making.  Sometimes her experiments are epically successful.  Other times it involves caustic capsaicin clouds in the kitchen.  However, she has no problem with people learning from her toxic mistakes.


Writer: Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel
Columns: Lady Anachronism’s Fallout Shelter
, and co-writer of The David Lynch Chronicles

Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel developed an obsession with unraveling David Lynch films after seeing ERASERHEAD in college. ERASERHEAD remains her favorite film of all time, but she is also partial to MULLHOLLAND DRIVE and LOST HIGHWAY. She has worked as a writer in some capacity for nearly 20 years. Her horror fiction has appeared in a few magazines and anthologies. When she’s not reading or luring small children into her sweets-encrusted home, she enjoys watching horror films at midnight on the big screen. She lives in New Jersey.


Writer: Sheri White
Columns: Horror-Mom’s Guide to Scary Movies, she also reviews horror movies for kids for this site.

Sheri White has loved horror since she was two and watched THE WIZARD OF OZ. Instead of being afflicted with a fear of witches, she is scared of high winds instead. After watching commercials for scary movies from behind the couch (“Mommy, my bed is shaking…”), and then watching entire scary movies on the couch, she became addicted. Now she has addicted children herself (three girls, ages 23, 17, and 14), and is hoping to lure other parents into introducing their own kids to this wonderful genre.

In addition to watching horror movies, she reads, writes and reviews horror stories for several small presses. Her other addiction is Facebook, and you can find her there almost anytime. She is not sure whether or not to be embarrassed by that.  https://www.facebook.com/sheriw1965


Writer: Gregory G. Kurczynski
Column: Screams Cut Short
(reviews of short horror films)

Gregory G. Kurczynski is a filmmaker and writer currently residing in New Orleans, Louisiana. When he’s not overloading his brain trying to get his next movie project into production, he enjoys long walks on the beach, trying to put a dent in his constantly growing pile of “to be read” books, watching old kaiju movies, and attempting to summon the Old Ones from their slumber in R’leyh.


Writer: Dan Keohane
Dan reviews science-fiction films for our site.

DANIEL G. KEOHANE is the Bram Stoker-nominated author of SOLOMON’S GRAVE and a rabid movie junkie (though he doesn’t get out to ye ol’ movie house nearly as much as he used to). His short stories have appeared in Cemetery DanceApex Digest, Shroud MagazineFantastic Stories, Coach’s Midnight Diner, to name a few. Some have received Honorable Mentions in the annual Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror / Best Horror of the Year anthologies. He and his family live in New England.


Writer: Kelly Laymon
Kelly reviews R-rated comedies for this site.

KELLY LAYMON has written non-fiction articles for Cemetery Dance’s SHIVERS series and edited the EXCITABLE BOYS for Night Shade Books. She has worked in the offices of the publications Cemetery Dance and Clinical Infectious Diseases. She clearly has some kind of obsession with the initials C and D.

A book of fiction and non-fiction that she worked on, IN LAYMON’S TERMS, is due this summer. Other than that, she’s mostly known for her strange Facebook posts and other online antics that get her into trouble…whether it’s intended or not.


Writer: Barry Lee Dejasu
Column: Scoring Horror (interviews with horror film composers)

Barry Lee Dejasu is a former staff writer for the (now defunct) magazine Modern Fix, where he’d interviewed such musicians as Opeth, Exodus, Sevendust, Devin Townsend, and numerous others.  A lover of all things film since he was in single digits, Barry’s infatuation with genre really began with repeated viewings of ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948), which served as a gateway to the likes of DRACULA (1931) and the TERMINATOR films.  The only thing keeping him from consistently perching before movie and TV screens, or flipping through novels, is his job as a customer service clerk at an Ivy League bookstore, where he’s keeping the availability of printed genre fiction alive and well.


Writer: Garrett Cook
Column: Criterion After Dark

GARRETT COOK’s first experiences with cult cinema began at a very young age, thanks to a multitude of bootleg videos that his grandfather kept in the basement, some very good local TV stations and a gigantic book on monster movies. Godzilla was just as much a part of his childhood as Dr. Seuss. As his passion for great literature grew, so too did his passion for horror films, art films and grindhouse trash. With these influences, he started creating some pretty unusual fiction, stories where pulp and art get blurred and virtually anything can happen. The first of these books, MURDERLAND PART 1:h8 was published in 2008. It led to him meeting and finding kindred spirits in the “Bizarro fiction” community. Bizarro fiction has been called “the literary equivalent of the cult section of the video store” so his work fit right in and Bizarro has only encouraged his curiosity when it comes to weird, dark and demented cinema, which he writes about and reviews often.

Garrett, his girlfriend, Leza Cantoral, and a revolving cast of Bizarro writers discuss weird, obscure and violent cinema at http://dollarbinmassacre.blogspot.com. His most recent book, JIMMY PLUSH, TEDDY BEAR DETECTIVE, from Eraserhead Press, combines the influences of film noir, detective serials, comics, pulp fiction and vintage horror.


Writer: Craig Shaw Gardner
Column: Popcorn of the Damned

CRAIG SHAW GARDNER was born and raised in Rochester, New York, home of the Eastman Kodak Company, the Rochester Red Wings, red hots and white hots, and a whole bunch of snow. He attended Boston University in 1967, and graduated with a B.S. degree in Broadcasting and Film. On the strength of this degree and the recession of 1971, he immediately got a job as a shipper/receiver for a men’s suit manufacturer. Other jobs Craig has held include working in hospital public relations, running a stat camera, and managing a pair of bookstores in Harvard Square (in Cambridge, Mass.): The Million Year Picnic and the late, lamented Science Fantasy Bookstore.

Craig sold his first short story in 1977, and began writing full time in 1987. While most of his early novels are humorous fantasy, the majority of his short stories have been sold to original horror anthologies such as SHADOWS, MIDNIGHT, DOOM CITY and other cheerful names. His novelization of BATMAN spent something like 13 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, changing his name on book covers to “New York Times Best-selling Author Craig Shaw Gardner” forevermore. His last few books have wandered over into the “epic fantasy” realm; the last three have been written under the pseudonym “Peter Garrison,” which will show up right next to Craig Shaw Gardner on those bookshelves. Craig was both president and trustee of the Horror Writers Association

His column POPCORN OF THE DAMNED  focuses on “old, peculiar and forgotten films showing up on DVD.”



Michael Louis Calvillo (August 9, 1974 – April 30, 2012)

Writer: Michael Louis Calvillo
Michael reviewed video games for this site, and was taken from us too soon.

Back when the Cinema Knife Fight website first began, MICHAEL LOUIS CALVILLO wrote video game reviews for us, and you could tell he had a real passion for his subject matter. His game reviews were a lot of fun (and can be found in our archives).

His novels included the Stoker Award-nominated I WILL RISE and the Black Quill Award winner, AS FATE WOULD HAVE IT (a personal favorite of mine). His other books included the story collection, BLOOD AND GRISTLE, the novella BLEED FOR YOU and the books LAMBS and DEATH AND DESIRE IN THE AGE OF WOMEN. All of his writing is well worth checking out.

To learn more about Michael, go to his website at: http://michaellouiscalvillo.com/

Here’s the bio Michael wrote for the CKF site:

“MICHAEL LOUIS CALVILLO is eighty percent blood & gristle, nineteen percent love, and one percent evil. He likes to write and sometimes he does it well. When not staring at a computer screen, he loves his family, likes his job (but wishes he could sleep in), plays video games, and worries himself sick about stupid stuff. His books, Stoker finalist, I WILL RISE, Black Quill Award winner, AS FATE WOULD HAVE IT, and short story collection, BLOOD & GRISTLE……Google him and see what you can find!”


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