People have asked, what does the knife rating system mean? Here’s a quick recap:


One knife means it’s a movie that’s probably not worth your time. Occasionally there have been movies we have given no knives to. Those are the bottom of the barrel. One knife is just a little better than that. Save your money.

Sometimes we give a movie one and a half knives, for movies worth checking out on cable for free.


Two knives usually means it’s worth seeing on cable for free, or a rental when it comes out on DVD, but probably not worth the price of a movie ticket. Two and a half is a little better – worth the price of a matinee movie price, but not full price.


Three knives means a decent flick that’s worth going to see at the theater. With theater prices the way they are these days, you should get your money’s worth. From three – on, it’s just varying degrees of goodness.


Four knives means a movie that is above-average and deserves to be seen. There’s a five knives rating, too, for movies that we consider masterpieces. However, we haven’t given a five-knife rating to a movie yet. But it might just happen someday.

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